De Gibri Big Band Live @ Shablul Jazz!

It has been third year since Gregory Rivkin have joined the Small Big-Band, lead by an internationally acclaimed Isareli Jazz Star, a saxophonist- Eli DeGibri!

On October 23, 2019 we had a blast @ Shablul Jazz Club, Tel-Aviv.

Here is a solo exerpt from Charles Mingus’ composition “Fables of Fabus”.

Peter Vit! Thank you for documenting this take.
Eli Degibri Moran Ron Baron Yuval Drabkin Arad Yeini Ofer Shapira Dor Samoha Oded Meir Alon Benjamini Yehonatan Cohen Yonatan Riklis ! “Thank you” “bravo” and other cliches are not needed. In this case “words are very unnecessary” ( as Depeche Mode says)
🥃🍷🍹🍾 For many other nights like this!